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The Institute of Silence

Silence is one of the new luxuries of this unique and exciting time we are living. The current lifestyle and new social and professional challenges lead us to live disconnected from our well-being, where stress is increasing and has a negative impact on many areas of our lives.

Silence refers to the inner space where creativity awakens; the instant where we feel that everything is put in place; the feeling of being coherent with what we think, feel, and do.

At the Institute of Silence we promote its values ​​to build a more beautiful, healthier, more conscious and happier society. We do this through projects, events and trainings for people and organizations that want to bring, from their essence, a unique, extraordinary and authentic value to their world.

Do you feel identified with this idea? Do you firmly believe that your organization or company can generate this internal and external value, from the well-being, creativity and happiness of the people who make it up?

The professionals of the Institute of Silence, we firmly believe it, yes. And not only that. Studies on neurobiology, nature and mindfulness related to work efficiency, well-being and personal creativity confirm it. Therefore, it is no surprise, then, that prestigious universities such as IESE, ESADE, Standford and Harvard, among many others, promote the virtues of Silence and its practice in academia and business.

"Companies are beginning to assess the value of silence to improve the efficiency and well-being of their workers."
The researchers found that participants immersed in the silence of nature saw their performance grow by 50% in problem solving. "

Michael Le Van Quyen
Brain and Silence

Neuroscience researcher at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research of France.

"Some universities and laboratories have, in fact, begun to use meditation as a research tool rather than as a simple object of study of the brain."

"Understanding the meaning of life means understanding our individual function, and living a proper life means fulfilling that function."

Yuval Noah Harari
21 Lessons for the 21st Century

“In more than thirty years of research, we have found that mindfulness increases charisma and productivity, decreases exhaustion and accidents, and increases creativity, memory, attention, positive affection, health and even longevity. "

Ellen Larger
A Call for Mindful Leadership

Harvard Business Review (2010).

The Kone Methodology

The Kone is a methodology created by the Professors of Wellbeing, Creativity and Happiness, Jordi Reixach and Edgar Tarrés.
It is based on the latest neuroscientific discoveries, applications of quantum physics in our daily lives, meditation and creative visualization. Based on this knowledge and techniques, The Kone designs experiences that lead us to discover our creativity and develop our well-being to achieve a happy, coherent and valuable life.

The Kone methodology is used at the University of Girona, and is part of the Postgraduate Wellbeing - Creativity and Happiness, from the same University.

Programs & Projects


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Spend a very special weekend with a well-known professional in the field of Wellbeing, Creativity and Happiness, within the realm of organizations.
It is an exclusive three-day training experience, where you will undergo transformative activities of wellbeing and creativity, talks, workshops ... in a unique and singular atmosphere. We will be able to spend time with this well-known professional during the meals, moments of rest, activities and experiences ... and we will deeply immerse in his philosophy in a very special way.

The experience will take place in a pleasant, quiet space, surrounded by nature, and with the right services to make this weekend a memory that will transform our future, both personally and professionally.


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We develop international cooperation projects. We help to implement and create wellbeing tourist destinations that add value to the area, through trainings, enhancing local resources and building a new perspective with the inhabitants of that area to create value and develop entrepreneurial projects related to this type of tourism. 


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Specific program for companies and organizations, and also for individual entrepreneurs, with the aim of improving the efficiency of people and departments through enhancing wellbeing and creativity.
This program includes face-to-face and virtual sessions where knowledge, techniques and experiences aimed at developing the potential of people and putting it at the service of improving task management, increasing concentration and attention, and decision-making ability are taugth. Thereby, distractions, stress and anxiety are reduced, and the well-being is improved both personally and professionally.

The goal, within organizations, is to transform the HR Department into a Happiness Department that turns each person’s resources and capabilities into a very positive value for the organization’s interests and its impact in its world.

For individual entrepreneurs or executives, we implement an eight-week plan to return wellbeing and creativity through living experiences and establishing positive habits. The goal is to get back in shape both physically and mentally and live consistently to feel deeply happy.


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Marketing, communication and branding strategies according to the values ​​of the organization and its spirit.
Development of campaigns to reach the heart and soul of your target.


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We all have dreams that we want to come true one day. Whether this is possible depends on many internal and external factors. This program aims to evaluate the idea, and see the potential of the person self  to empower it, develop personal attitudes, resources and skills, and devise a development and mentoring plan, so that it becomes a reality as soon as possible.
This program is aimed at personal projects, whether you want to make it professional or not.


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Training for people who want to learn how to use this methodology to create their own projects. The techniques of wellbeing, creativity and happiness are taught to provide a unique, extraordinary and very useful value adaptable to the projects of each person, in the new emerging social contexts.
People who take this course will be in the job list of the Institute of Silence for future programs and projects.


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The Institute of Silence develops research programs in the field of Silence and its values ​​in promoting the values ​​and personal resources of people, as individuals or as a group.


Lisa Juanola

She discovered the idea of ​​the Institute of Silence through her father, Joan Juanola, from whom she learned the importance of silence in observing, listening, feeling and creating. 
A lover of nature, especially the wind and the sea that help her connect with herself, become aware and feel alive and happy. She is a trained psychologist specializing in sexual and reproductive health and gender. Born in Girona, she now lives in Amsterdam where she works as a health consultant and researcher. Her work focuses on sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Jordi Reixach

Attracted, with no apparent remedy, by silence. No-space, no-time, no-me, nothing. Where everything is possible, and where the freedom to create is infinite, without limits.
Professor of creativity at the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Girona, professor of creative projects at the ERAM, University School of Audiovisual and Multimedia Production of the University of Girona, and marketing and innovation consultant in projects with a soul.
Soul with a transformative and revolutionary vocation 

Edgar Tarrés

Sounds and silences was the path he followed to transform his life, and leave the career at the public administrations, to embark on a new profession based on Silence and the Sounds of Nature.
Professor of Wellbeing and Happiness at the University of Girona and the UNED. Director of the postgraduate course Tourism and Awareness at the FUdGi.
Specializing in the design and creation of personal wellbeing and transformation experiences.
Author of the novel "When Silence Calls", and of the essays "Mindfulness of Sound," and "Mindful Travel XP."